What is SURGYPAL! ?
It’s all about Communication, Education and Involvement. Patients want their providers to use simple technology that improves access and streamlines communication to give them more involvement in their own care. SurgyPal! does this by guiding patients through customized Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. Numerous studies have shown that when patients participate in ERAS, they recover much faster and stronger and most importantly have fewer complications, require less assistance and are back to work much faster!
How It Works
Step 1
First select the type of surgery you are undergoing and the date of the procedure. Fill out a health questionnaire. That’s it! SurgyPal! goes to work to create an individualized ERAS program that puts you on the “Road to Recovery.” Specific goals are automatically pushed to you and when completed, points are earned. You can even see your performance as compared to others preparing for and recovering from the same surgery.
Step 2
Before Surgery
This time is very important in the success of your surgery. You will get instructions for preadmission testing. Health improvement goals are set for such things like smoking cessation, diabetes management, physical performance enhancement, diet suggestions and weight reduction. Instructions for different medications, when to stop eating, how to take bowel preps, instructions for pre-surgical diet supplements are made easy with instructions and videos that are pushed to the patient at the appropriate time. SurgyPal! guides your pre-operative optimization.
Step 3
Many details have to be taken care of on the day of surgery. Surgypal! organizes them to make that important day much less stressful and more manageable. The next few days are handled similarly with customized goals so that each critical part of the immediate surgical recovery is not overlooked.
Step 4
Don’t panic! Surgypal! is there to send you instructions to keep you on track to be prepared with the right education and resources to be able to confidently go home to continue your recovery.
Step 5
Surgypal! will direct you to the proper resources so that everyday you are following the correct steps in managing your wound care, diet and postoperative recovery exercises. You will be reminded to schedule a post-operative visit as well as information on when and whom to contact if the need arises.
SurgyPal! is your personal surgical assistant providing time sensitive instructions and education before, during and after your surgery. Nothing else on the market does this! Download SurgyPal! today! It’s FREE!
Meet Our Team
Guruprasad Venkataramanan: M.S (Comp Sci)
Systems Architect and Chief Systems Programmer
Senior Engineer and Computer Programmer in multiple Fortune 50 organizations, Dallas, Texas
Saravanan Ramamoorthy M.D, M.S (Comp Sci)
Business Process Design and Systems Programming.
Vice-Chair and Cardiothoracic and Transplant Anesthesiologist.
Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas; USAP, Dallas, Texas.
Mansoor Husain M.D.
Clinical Analytics and Medical Pathway Design.
Clinical Director of Anesthesiology - Einstein Healthcare- Jefferson Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, PA
Frequently Asked Questions


It’s free!!! Its value lies in our patients recovering faster with less complications.


The REASON you are using the App is because your surgeon wants you too!!! ERAS is internationally recognized in the medical profession as a way to enhance recovery with less complications.
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